Press Review on Piacenza App

Here is a selection of press articles talking about the launch of Piacenza App.…/app-piacenza-quando-il-turis…/…/piacenza-e-arrivata-come-conosce……/piacenza-portata-app-turista-3……/66585-Breve+tour+per+la+nuova+Ap…

Nice Surprise!

When we designed the App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese we didn’t imagine such a utilization, but to realize that the tool we have created enables everyone to discover art is a great satisfaction for us!!! Find out what has happened in the gallery…

Beacon Italy has reviewed our App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese: as the title anticipates (“When beacons are a success: the art gallery of Palazzo Farnese”), their opinion is flattering. Here is the complete article

On Wired again!

Here we are once more on Wired Italia about the App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese. To be mentioned by the magazine thrice (once in Japan) over 6 months is really unbelievable!!! Read the article here.