Retail 01 Customized welcome
notifications for
registered participants
Retail 02 Customized discounts
and promotions when
customers approach a
specific product
Retail 03 Indoor navigation
across museum rooms
Retail 04 Integration with
social networks
Retail 05 Exclusive promotions
for selected customers
Retail 06 Monitoring of crowding
levels accessible by
managers and visitors
Retail 07 Micro-localized
points collection
valid in all stores
Retail 08 Push notifications to keep
visitors informed about
store events and news

When we go shopping we are often in a hurry, we get annoyed by the crowd and the variety of products exhibited in stores disorients us…in these cases, the purchase experience can be tiring and we may end up going back home without finding what we sought.
Thanks to the functionalities provided by the iBeacons technology, IMApp avoids the most frequent inconveniences of the shopping experience, by facilitating the search and purchase of products: through their mobile device, users can easily locate the closest store, receive customized proposals and offers when approaching the boutique, visualize products on sale, bookmark them into a personal list and share their purchases on social networks.
In this light, IMApp enables a perfect integration between the physical and the virtual store, making the purchase experience more comfortable and pleasant.