Technology For All

Today, Francesca Fabbri of the Museums of Palazzo Farnese and Marco Boeri of Ultraviolet have participated to the Technology For All conference in Rome, presenting the experience of our first App based on the IMApp technology both from the developers’ and the museum’s point of view. Judging by the number of people who have approached us to ask further details, it …

Kartell Museum

We are proud to announce the launch of a new App based on our IMApp technology: in collaboration with Applix, we have developed the official App of the Kartell Museum. It is now available on App Store and Play Store. What do you think about it?

Beacon Italy has reviewed our App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese: as the title anticipates (“When beacons are a success: the art gallery of Palazzo Farnese”), their opinion is flattering.

La Stampa

Today La Stampa talks about IMApp and the Museums of Palazzo Farnese!!! Read the article here.

On Wired again!

Here we are once more on Wired Italia about the App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese. To be mentioned by the magazine thrice (once in Japan) over 6 months is really unbelievable!!! Read the article here.

La Repubblica

Page 39 of today’s issue is entirely dedicated to iBeacons and we found out with pleasure that we have been mentioned thanks to our App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese…

Art Marketing Management

Thanks to Giulia Pasdera for dedicating to our App for the Museums of Palazzo Farnese a beautiful articole on

IMApp on Wired Jp!

When we found out that even in Japan they talk about IMApp our jaws have literally dropped. If you are curious and maybe you read a bit of kanji, here is the article. Enjoy!