Trade exhibitions

Fiere 01 Customized welcome
notifications for
registered participants
Fiere 02 Promotional coupons
for visitors approaching
the stand
Fiere 03 Multimedia contents
for each exhibitor
Fiere 04 Integration with
social networks
Fiere 05 Indoor navigation in
the exhibition center
Fiere 06 Bookmarking of
"must see" exhibitors
to optimize visit time

Trade fairs and exhibitions attract and surprise us for their variety of opportunities, but sometimes these large spaces can also disorient us and signage is often misleading…confusion increases when we are submersed with promotional flyers and coupons that we end up accumulating or throwing away.
IMApp allows to overcome these limitations by facilitating movements across exhibition spaces and supporting tailor-made marketing campaigns: besides relying on a precise interactive guide, any time visitors approach a specific stand they can visualize multimedia contents and receive updated and customized notifications on the basis of their interests and preferences.