Congressi 01 Customized welcome
notifications and
automatic check-in
for registered participants
Congressi 02 Location-sensitive
programme and
schedule of the event
Congressi 03 Details of single sessions
can be saved in the mobile
or tablet calendar
Congressi 04 Integration with
social networks
Congressi 05 Indoor navigation
in the conference center

IMApp provides an optimal solution to the specific needs of business events such as company meetings and conferences, making participation more simple and pleasant whilst replacing traditional communication tools such as paper materials.
The platform combines an indoor localization function based on iBeacons with a customized agenda for the event: users can always carry with them a detailed programme, bookmark the preferred sessions on their smartphone calendar and easily orient themselves in the location through the interactive map.
With IMApp, moreover, the event experience extends beyond the limits of the location to embrace the surrounding territory and its cultural heritage, thanks to the recommendation of must-see attractions and the visualization of rich descriptive cards and multimedia contents.