What is it?

IMApp is a digital platform based on the iBeacons technology, the current benchmark in the geo-localization of mobile devices.
Its versatility enables it to fit the specific contexts and requirements of a wide variety of public spaces.
IMApp consists in a Control Room for content management and in a mobile App for iOS and Android operating systems.


What does it do?

IMApp gives life to indoor spaces

Visit experience

With IMApp, the experience of places extends beyond the limits of the visit time: the contents are always available to the user on their device, both before and after the visit.

Visitor management

Thanks to IMApp it is possible to monitor, even in real time, the influx and behavior of visitors within the mapped space.

Sharing on Social Media

IMApp offers the user the opportunity to share their visit experience on the main Social Networks, increasing the digital visibility of the structure in which they are located for free.

Customized marketing

IMApp opens up new scenarios for marketing tailored to each individual consumer, by sending personalized notifications based on their respective interests and purchasing behavior.

Cost saving

IMApp technology eliminates the costs of managing traditional audio guides and updating content, which can be replaced and modified in real time.

Where may it be used?


Museums, exhibitions, galleries, archaeological parks, etc


Conventions, conferences, public meetings, etc.


Shops, shopping centers,
chains, etc.

Trade exhibitions

Conventions, conferences, public meetings, etc.


Sporting, musical,
cultural events, etc.

Theme parks

Theme parks, zoos, amusement parks, tourist attractions, etc.

What do we offer?


Design and development of customized apps for iOS and Android platforms, with the possibility of integration into existing apps.

Control Room

Access to the Control Room to autonomously upload and manage content, interact with users and monitor usage data in real time.


Supply of beacons with strong and stable signal and long-lasting batteries, customizable in shape, color and logo.


Complete production of text, audio, video and multimedia content to be combined with each individual Point of Interest.


Statistics and metrics on user behavior and on the functioning of the entire system, also available in real time.

Flexibility of management

The contents associated to each Point of Interest and the modalities of interaction with users can be defined and edited autonomously through a simple control panel, which also provides real-time usage data.

They talk about us!

Wired "This technology [...] is the missing link that will
change the way mobile devices are used in public
Repubblica "Thanks to the power of Beacons, each object
becomes smart"
Panorama "This is the way IMApp lets museums speak" Linkiesta "Large cultural institutions should take inspiration
from Palazzo Farnese, the first museum in Italy
to use beacons"
Archeomatica "It enables navigation across spaces and
makes available on mobile devices information
about artworks"
Sole 24 ore "Beacons mean interactive museums but also
advertising. This technology brings to a new
level interactivity between people, art places
and stores"


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Our team

Marco Boeri

Project Manager

Davide Bonfanti


Roberto Remondini


Gianluigi Ciambriello


Paola Casali